I may have fallen off the blog radar for a bit, but I assure you it’s for good reason. Along with our annual IT Hot Topics Conference, wedding planning and customer projects (apparently it’s audit season!), I’ve been working on the content for my contribution to a new Syngress book, Low Tech Hacking.

The book is due out this October and will include some wild and zany new low tech hacking techniques. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jack on his new title and am looking forward to the content included in this book. I have to say, it’s unique! From the chapter listing below, you’ll see this book addresses everything from physical security to social engineering, surveillance and wireless. The Low Tech Wireless Hacking chapter is my work, along with some surprise content that will appear in other chapters.

I’m honored to have been asked to participate in this book and contribute content alongside red team leader Jack Wiles and renowned cyber intelligence specialist Terry Gudaitis.

The list price is $49.95 but you can pre-order a copy from Amazon, BN or Borders  for about $35.

Low Tech Hacking
Publication by Syngress
By Jack Wiles, Terry Gudaitis, Jennifer Jabbusch
ISBN: 9781597496650
Pages: 288
Publication Date: Oct 2011

Low Tech Hacking Chapters

  • Chapter 1: Social Engineering: The Ultimate Low Tech Hacking Threat
  • Chapter 2: Low Tech Hacking: Physical Security-Still the Weakest Link
  • Chapter 3: Low Tech Hacking: More on Locks and How People Get Past Them
  • Chapter 4: Low Tech Wireless Hacking
  • Chapter 5: Low Tech Targeting and Surveillance: How Much Could They Find Out About You?
  • Chapter 6: Low Tech Hacking and the Law: Where Can You Go for Help?
  • Chapter 7: Security Awareness Training: Your Most Valuable Countermeasure
  • Chapter 8: Q&A with Senior Low Tech Experts: More Interviews and War Stories


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