Okay, in full disclosure this probably isn’t going to be a list of YOUR favorite speakers, but it’s a list of some friend, colleagues, and mentors you don’t want to miss at this year’s Infosec World.

A key to the session ID codes is below, and my favorite schedule format is their at-a-glance you can get here http://www.infosec-world.com/OS15_Grid_for_Web.pdf. Infosec World 2015 is March 23-25 at Disney’s Contemporary Resort in Orlando, FL.

In no particular order… Oh, actually these are mostly alphabetical by last name. Deviant’s at the top because I wanted that handsome devil above the crease. That, and he’s doing an opening keynote.

photo-misti-deviant Deviant Ollam
Co-Owner & Director of Education, The CORE Group


Monday 3/23

  • Keynote: Putting Out Physical Security Fires
 photo-misti-paula Paul Asadoorian
Founder & CEO, Security Weekly


Wednesday 3/25

  • A9 Embedded Insecurity: Top 10 Ways to Hack the IoT DEMO
photo-misti-anton Dr. Anton Chuvakin

Research Director, Gartner for Technical Professionals (GTP)


Tuesday 3/24

  • A7 Tooling Up for Incident Response with Network Forensics and Endpoint Visibility
  • PANEL DISCUSSION SIEM, MSS, or a Hybrid: What’s Right for You?
photo-misti-joshc Josh Corman

CTO, Sonatype


Tuesday 3/24

  • C7 Not Go Quietly: Surprisingly Effective Strategies and Teammates to Overcome, with David Etue
photo-misti-robfuller Rob Fuller

Senior Red Teamer


Tuesday 3/24

  • A6 Attacker Ghost Stories
photo-misti-dianak Diana Kelley

Executive Security Advisor (ESA), IBM Security Systems

Also see Diana featured in “3 Books that Changed My Life” series.


Monday 3/23

  • F1 Get Smart: Managing Multiple Risk Frameworks in Critical Infrastructure Deployments
photo-misti-davek David Kennedy

Founder & Principal Security Consultant, TrustedSec LLC

Also see Dave featured in “3 Books that Changed My Life” series.


Tuesday 2/24

  • C5 Destroying Education and Awareness Programs DEMO
photo-misti-michelle Michelle Klinger

President, Security BSidesTexas


Tuesday 3/24

  • G7 Three Practices to Cut Costs, Increase Security and Pass Assessments
photo-misti-jj Jennifer Minella

VP of Engineering and Consulting CISO, Carolina Advanced Digital


Monday 3/23

  • E3 Best, Worst and Common Practices for Securing Enterprise WiFi

Tuesday 3/24

  • G7 Three Practices to Cut Costs, Increase Security and Pass Assessments
photo-misti-nickerson Chris Nickerson

CEO, LARES Consulting


Tuesday 3/24

  • D8 Who Clicked? Who Cares?
photo-misti-benrothke Ben Rothke

Senior eGRC Consultant, The Nettitude Group


Monday 3/23

  • G4 In Memory of Barnaby Jack: Why Medical Device Makers Don’t Get InfoSec
photo-misti-mikes Mike Saurbaugh

Information Security Manager at financial institution


Tuesday 3/24

  • F7 Security by Collaboration: Rethinking Red Teams vs. Blue Teams, with Kevin Johnson

 Here’s a trick to navigating the session IDs.

  • Track A: Tools and Demos
  • Track B: Cloud and Data Protection
  • Track C: Management and Strategies
  • Track D: Threats
  • Track E: Mobile & Smart Device Security
  • Track F: Risk Management
  • Track G: Applied Security

We hope to see you there!

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