In all my excitement, I forgot one major detail in my post yesterday about the upcoming Security B-Sides Conference, hosted during Black Hat and co-located with Neighborcon – The organization is still seeking a bit of support.

Specifically, support is sought in the way of Corporate Sponsorships and Attendee Donations.

The organizers of the event are determined to keep this event free for attendees but these things are not inexpensive and they’ve really put a full event together – event space, electronic badges, food and I believe some transportation.

Corporate Sponsors

Join the likes of Astaro, Wikid Systems and Alchemy Security and reserve your spot as a Security B-Sides sponsor. Any sponsorship amount is appreciated, I’d recommend $250 to $500 as a minimum. More info and link to PayPal

Here’s a deal I’ll make with any vendor out there interested in a corporate sponsorship.
If you contribute $500 or more, I will give you your choice of one of the following:
a) Guest Blog Post pitching your technology (preferably from an engineer/SE) 
b) Free ad spot for a month on this blog site (

If you contribute more than $1,500 I will offer a custom-written article (by me) about one of your technologies or products. You must provide an engineering (not sales) resource for me to work with to gather information and access to resources and technical data. The article will be posted on this blog and may be reproduced and used as you see fit by your organization.

Attendee or Individual Donations

Individuals, especially attendees, are encouraged to throw in a few dollars. The speaker line up is superb. You’d easily pay $100 – $800 for a two-day event with this caliber of speakers. For Security B-Sides, I’d say $25 or so is well worth the content (and the food). Don’t forget- they’re feeding you here! If you’re willing to throw a few bucks in the pot, you can donate securely via PayPal here

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