Okay, I keep THINKING about doing this (for more than a year now) but haven’t actually done it. If I blog and talk about doing it, then I’ll have to follow through, so, HERE GOES.

My plan is to start at Black Hat / Defcon / Security B-Sides and conduct some video interviews with interesting folks. Lord knows there are plenty of them out there!

There may be 1-2 longer full interviews, but I expect to host a handful of short interview-lettes, just long enough to get a giggle, but short enough to keep our A.D.D.-riddled security minds from wandering off.

I have my own thoughts about interesting folks and friends, but I talk to these people all the time. So my question to you is: Who do YOU want to see?

I just posed this question on Twitter, but I’ll have a MUCH easier time tracking replies here.

Here is the first list, started off on twitter. These are great! Keep ’em coming, or add votes to these.

  • Jack Daniel (@jack_daniel)
  • Martin McKeay (@mckeay)
  • Chris Hoff (@Beaker) <- He actually won’t be at BH/DC :(
  • Dave Lewis (@gattaca)
  • Hot anonymous blonde (@SecBarbie)
  • James Arlen (@myrcurial)
  • The anonymous intern (@securityintern)
  • Leigh Honeywell (@hypatiadotca)

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  • Working on two lists – one for full-length interviews on upcoming projects or topoics and one of short intro snippits to meet and greet some of your favorite security goobers, i mean, people.

    I’m going to keep taking suggestions all weekend and during the week. Please include contact info (email, website, blog, twitter name, etc) so I can find the people you want!