More on my talk "Identicate & Authentify" presented at Deep Sec Conference in Vienna, Austria in November 2010.

This coming Thursday (Thanksgiving here in the US) I’ll be speaking at the Deep Sec Conference  in Vienna. I’m extremely excited and at the same time, nervous, to be presenting a new topic to a new audience. Most of my presentations at security cons have covered the more technical intricacies of infrastructure technologies. On a normal day, I cover everything from wireless security to network access and authentication and even dive into the key exchanges in IEEE’s 802.1X. 

This talk is a whole new ballgame. We’re going to discuss the use (or misuse) of identification and authentication in both the technical and real worlds. Part factual and part theoretical, the goal of this presentation is to prime the audience with a solid understanding of these concepts and incite them to think about identity and authentication in a different light. Wish me luck!

Identification and authentication are two fundamental concepts of security frequently confused and obscured. Without a proper grounding, addressing current and future challenges becomes more cumbersome and costly. This talk lays the foundation for effective identification and authentication, outlining current practical applications and guiding a though-provoking theoretical discussion of future considerations for these essential concepts. Participate in the discussion that will drive the future of identification, trust models, national IDs and the use (or misuse) of biometrics and other identifying attributes.

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  • Hey JJ. Enjoy the Deep Sec Conference in Vienna, you’ll do fine, Damn Butterfly’s be gone!