Many of you know I’ve been working on this document for the better part of a year now. The concepts and ideas came together quickly during a flight from the West coast, but transforming all the thoughts to a cohesive document for a broader audience has taken a lot of time and help.

Don’t be put off by the name. Believe it or not, the title has an actual meaning. I hope you’ll read the first pages of the document to understand where the title came from and why it’s relevant.

There’s a permanent page for the white paper Catching the Unicorn. It includes a brief overview by way of the executive summary and a link to the PDF version of the First Release, September 18th, 2009.

This edition contains 30+ pages of information I’ve been discussing with colleagues, partners and customers for more than a year. I am very excited to present this document for public consumption. Included in the document is a unique perspective on NAC technologies, the market and the technical issues with current solutions.

It’s my hope that vendors, integrators and consumers of NAC technologies will read the document, understand the issues and follow the calls to action. The key findings and key recommendations are noted in the Catching the Unicorn page and are included in the executive summary.

I blame the delay in this first public release in several things. Mostly I blame myself. Despite working diligently on the content over the past months, most of the work had to be done at night and some weekends. Secondly, I blame the Martians. The information was of great interest to them and they abducted the document for ten days. You can see below a photo of Marvini the Martian, withholding the document from me. We were finally able to negotiate the exchange of the document for three frogs (obtained from Hoff) and one squirrel (donated by Jack Daniel).

Marvini withholding the NAC document

All joking aside, I hope you find the information relevant and useful and as always, all feedback is appreciated.

Catching the Unicorn page
Download Catching the Unicorn PDF


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