I haven’t been as consistent in blogging about the events I’m speaking at as I would like to be. I did want to take a few minutes from this crazy work week to remind everyone about SecTor, Security Education Conference in Toronto next week.

I had the pleasure of speaking at SecTor last year and I’m returning again this year with new content. More on that below. I’ve heard SecTor referred to as the “Black Hat of Canada” among other things and I’d say that’s a fairly accurate description if we’re comparing status. In content, I have to say what I’ve seen at SecTor has blown me away. It’s one of the only security conferences I speak at and/or attend with content that I do NOT want to miss. This year is no different, although due to work commitments, I’ll have to head back to North Carolina Wednesday and miss some of those sessions.

What’s great about SecTor

After returning from SecTor in 2008, I received volumes of LinkedIn messages and emails from my blog (http://SecurityUncorked.com). All the feedback from SecTor was great, and I don’t mean just regarding my session; everyone LOVED the event as a whole, appreciated the content, enjoyed the activities and took away great information that made their jobs easier. It’s rare to hear so many great things about an event without even a single criticism.

The entire conference ran extremely smoothly from what I could tell. Everything t was crossed and every i dotted. The event staff was wonderful and took obvious great care of attendees and speakers alike. As a speaker (and attendee) this is such a refreshing event. Hell, even the exhibitors I spoke to all had positive comments. They always find something to complain about.

SecTor 2009: The People

If you’re coming to SecTor next week, there are SO many fun things planned. Several friends and colleagues will be there, including our favorite cloud luminary Chris Hoff with a special keynote Tuesday morning. You’ll also find sessions by Robert (RSnake) Hansen, web app sec guru Rafal Los, resident smart ass and thought-provoker James Arlen, accused foreign dignitary assassin Shawn Moyer (no not really) and Raleigh-area up and coming rock star Ryan Linn.  You can view the schedule, sessions and speakers online at http://www.sector.ca/schedule.htm. In addition to the speakers, I know of a plethora of various professional friends, security twits and professionals that will be in attendance, wreaking havoc in various sessions.

SecTor 2009: The Events

Conference Activities. Ongoing. The SecTor team puts on a great party! Don’t miss the fun activities, including the LockPick Village (a staple of any good sec con), Hardware Hacking Village, several hands-on labs and demos, THE contest, and for the first time, your invitation to join us all at the Speakers Dinner. http://www.sector.ca/activities.htm

Speakers Dinner. Tuesday, 7:30pm. This year, YOU are invited to join the speakers and hosts for the Speakers Dinner Tuesday night at Joe Badali’s. The $65 ticket price is very reasonable since it includes food, drinks, alcohol and – really – isn’t spending time with us – priceless?  Maybe not. But it’s still a great deal. I’ll be there, I’m sure Hoff, Raf, James, Ryan and all the cool cats will be there.

Tweetup. Tuesday, 10:00pm. After the speakers dinner Tuesday night, we’ll be heading down the street to the Loose Moose (across from the hotel) for an informal SecTor Tweetup. Everyone’s invited. Everyone’s buying their own drinks. Sorry. Thanks to Rafal Los for putting the tweetup together. Please check out details and RSVP on the event blog or on twitter to @RafalLos.

If you’re interested in my presentation Retaliation on network security, you can read the details on the next post.

My question to you is – will YOU be there?

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